Frequently Asked Questions

 What happens if I would like a proposal?

If you are looking to learn about everything we can offer you; Steve Brandt, the owner of the company, will come to your location and provide all the information you are looking for. 
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How much will it cost?

Our services are built to save you time and money. All the facilities that work with us have saved millions over time in running their facility. Cost will depend on many factors, like how large the facility and services needed. 
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What happens to our employees and existing equipment if we contract our services?

  We have a great transition plan to make it easy for employees to switch over to BSG. Since we provide our own equipment, we can negotiate what we could do with your current equipment during a proposal. 
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  What can I expect during the transition?

BSG can offer the same rate of pay to employees at the beginning of the transition period to make it a seamless change. There's nothing you need to worry about because we got everything handled!
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