Our Mission:

Why BSG Maintenance?

It shall be the purpose of BSG Maintenance Inc. to provide the best possible service, endeavoring in a spirit of partnership as well as a personal and corporate integrity with our customers and employees, to bring about equitable benefits for all parties concerned.
BSG Maintenance Inc. is founded on this belief, and we live by it every day. We truly believe the relationships developed with our customers and employees are the foundation of the company.

Our Foundation Is Built Off Strong Relationships

BSG Advantages

-Experience and Proven Track Record
-Onsite Management
-System Driven Programs
-Cost Reduction and Fixed Pricing
-Exposure Control Plan ©
-Human Resource Management
-Performance Auditing


Whether you are currently in-house or contracting services, in most cases we can yield a savings in cost for our services. Our pricing is locked and easy to budget. We provide complete service programs and attend the special needs within each facility at our fixed rate. Applicable supplies, equipment and repairs are also included.


Our service programs are designed to provide the highest levels of service on a consistent basis. We are totally committed to the programs designed for each facility, and provide three levels of management support to assure compliance. Quality assurance checks are performed on a daily basis.


The customer has control. Each site manager attends staff meetings and receives direction from the designated customer liaison. We understand that facility changes are constant and make necessary adjustments as we are directed. We operate as any other department within your facility; associates will perform special requests and conduct themselves as an extension to your staff at all times.


If you are outsourcing services, we have programs which allow your existing employees to easily transition their employment to us. Our services provide all labor, replacement labor, hiring, record keeping and applicable Human Resource functions. Established staffing levels ensure that replacement labor comes from within each individual facility and that unfamiliar faces are not brought in a facility at any time.

30 years of tailored hospitality services for long-term care clients in Wisconsin 

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